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Searching for the perfect Graphic Design course in Mumbai? Explore our list of the top courses in 2024, along with the pros, cons, duration and cost of each. Read on till the end to discover some expert advice on how to pick the one that best addresses your needs.

Graphic designers, whether experienced or beginners, must constantly build upon their skills in order to keep up with industry trends and stay relevant. Consuming knowledge, working on new projects and networking with industry professionals are some of the many effective ways of doing so. However, trying to learn in this manner, by yourself, might seem unorganised, overwhelming and ineffective, especially if you are a beginner.

Luckily for you, there are several Graphic Design courses in Mumbai that can provide you with a structured learning process, a comprehensive curriculum, regular assignments / projects and the opportunity to learn from and network with industry professionals. To help you select the right one among these, or at least narrow down your options, we have conducted detailed research and identified the top Graphic Design courses in Mumbai, along with details about the duration, format, price, pros and cons of each.

Here are our top picks:


  • 1. AND Academy: Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma in Graphic Design
  • 3. Frameboxx Academy: Expert Program in Graphic, Broadcast and Social Media Design
  • 5. Softpro: Diploma in Graphic Designing
  • 6. International School of Design: Certificate Program - 6 months
  • 7. Milestone Institute of Technology: Diploma in Graphic Design
  • 8. Digifine Academy of Digital Education: Graphic Design Graduate Program in Mumbai

1. AND Academy: Certificate, Diploma, and PG Diploma in Graphic Design

AND Academy, a one-of-a-kind design upskilling platform, was launched by the Indian Institute of Art and Design, a prestigious design institution in Delhi that collaborates with Kingston School of Art, one of the top design schools in the UK. Its curriculum is curated by design experts and industry practitioners, and it focuses on active, interactive and collaborative learning across all its courses, leading to rich learning outcomes for students.

If you are a beginner or an early stage working professional who wishes to upskill concurrently with pursuing your career, consider enrolling for AND Academy’s 16-week Certificate in Graphic Design course. Fast-tracked and flexible in its schedule, it does not require any prior knowledge of design, yet equips learners with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals in a short period of time. If you wish to continue learning after completing the Certificate course, you can transition seamlessly to the Diploma in Graphic Design and earn a more advanced qualification after 16 more weeks (i.e. a total of 32 weeks).

On the other hand, if you can commit to a full-time course, opt for the comprehensive 36-week PG Diploma in Graphic Design. This comprises more than 500 hours of live sessions that are spread across two terms. In this course, you will learn to design for print media, for digital media, for end-to-end brand campaigns and also be exposed to motion graphics. This course also comes with a Job Guarantee in order to help you truly transform your graphic design career.Learners looking for a part-time alternative to this course can opt for the 1 year PG Diploma programme.

All three courses will provide you with industry-relevant skills and the opportunity to be taught by design veterans and practitioners. You will also get to work on a variety of real-world projects and build your portfolio to showcase your work to the industry and to prospective employers within it.


  • AND Academy is held in high regard in the design world, owing to its strong design pedigree and clear design focus
  • AND’s mentors have extensive experience in academia and design
  • Learners receive one-on-one faculty mentoring and feedback on their work
  • Students undertake a substantial amount of practical project work and have an industry-ready portfolio by the end of the course
  • Among the most comprehensive programmes on this list
  • After the PG Diploma, if you are not placed in a relevant role within 6 months of completing the course, you will receive a full course fee refund
  • Students can sign up for the Certificate and then take a decision about whether to continue to the Diploma


  • Relatively less flexible since all live-sessions are scheduled at predetermined times
  • The PG Diploma is a rigorous programme that requires full-time study
  • A relatively expensive course, but there are many affordable EMI options available


  • Certificate in Graphic Design - 16 weeks (part-time)
  • Diploma in Graphic Design - 32 weeks (part-time)
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design - 1 year (part-time)
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design- 36 weeks (full-time)


  • Certificate in Graphic Design - INR 60,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 6,600 per month)
  • Diploma in Graphic Design - INR 1,20,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 7,170 per month)
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design part-time - INR 1,80,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 8,463 per month)
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design full-time - INR 2,20,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 10,715 per month)

Learn more - AND Academy Graphic Design Courses

2. Zee Institute of Creative Arts: Program in Graphic & Web Design

Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) specialises in training students in animation. Their year-long Program in Graphic & Web Design is spread over two semesters, and aims to prepare students for careers in print and digital media, particularly web design. It is structured in such a way that students have a ready portfolio by the time they complete the course. Students are required to attend sessions on campus throughout the week.


  • Equal emphasis on theory and practical application
  • Students have portfolios ready by the end of the course


  • No job guarantee, i.e. no guarantee that the institute will place you in a relevant role
  • Taught offline only; there is no online provision
  • Since classes have set times, it is a less flexible option
  • Focus on animation and web designing compromises depth of fundamentals in core graphic design


The course duration is 1 year.


The course costs INR 1,25,000 (including GST).

Learn more - Zee Institute of Creative Arts: Program in Graphic & Web Design (1 Year)

3. Frameboxx 2.0: Expert Program in Graphic, Broadcast and Social Media Design

Frameboxx 2.0 offers degree courses and specialisation programmes in animation, visual effects, gaming, graphic and web design, and photography. You can enrol in the 10-month Expert Program in Graphic, Broadcast and Social Media Design, and attend sessions online or in person.

This course focuses on teaching graphic design for social media platforms and broadcast media. The three modules of the course, which follow a software-led methodology, give students a brief introduction to design theory and principles before diving into learning how to use the concerned software. The course is open to all and does not require students to have any prior experience in design.


  • All live sessions are recorded for students to watch later
  • The course is taught by an experienced technical head


  • Very limited emphasis on design fundamentals - this means learners are not trained to think like designers, which can stymie career growth
  • The curriculum does not include design for brand campaigns, which is a key skill for growth
  • Prepares learners for a limited set of career opportunities in graphic design
  • Students are not offered a job guarantee


The course spans 10 months.


The course costs INR 1,25,000 (including GST).

Learn more: Frameboxx 2.0: Expert Program in Graphic, Broadcast and Social Media Design

Best Graphic Design Courses in Mumbai for 2024 | AND Academy (2)

4. MAAC: DGWA - Program in Graphics, Web Designing, & 2D Animation

MAAC, or Maya Academy of Animation Cinematics, offers design courses in multiple design disciplines - 3D animation, visual effects, gaming, multimedia, etc. The one-year DGWA (Program in Graphics, Web Designing, and 2D Animation) is available in both offline and online formats.

In this course, students are trained to design for print as well as visual media, such as user interfaces, posters, book illustrations and motion graphics. The curriculum devotes a module each to train students in Graphic and Print Design, Web and Interactive Design, and 2D Animation.


  • The course is available in an online format making it more accessible
  • MAAC has considerable experience in teaching graphic design
  • By the end of the course, students have a completed portfolio


  • No job guarantee
  • Software-heavy approach leaves learners with limited ability to think like designers
  • Not ideal for students who wish to undertake a course that offers training exclusively in core graphic design


The course spans 8 months


The course costs INR 69,960 (including GST).

Learn more - MAAC: DGWA - Program in Graphics, Web Designing & 2D Animation

5. Softpro: Diploma in Graphic Designing

Softpro is a computer training institute that offers courses in several computer software. The Diploma in Graphic Designing is a 4-month course that also emphasises training in operating software. The curriculum, along with the projects that learners undertake, are aimed at imparting a practical understanding of the software to the students. The five modules of the course cover one software each.

The classes are entirely synchronous, or live, and instructor-led. They are scheduled in the evening for students enrolled in the online batch, making the course suitable for working professionals. Offline classes are scheduled throughout the working week. There is no official admission process and no particular pre-conditions that need to be met in order to enrol in the course.


  • Most affordable course in this list
  • Offers both online and offline modes, and flexible schedules
  • Students have the opportunity to apply their learning through projects


  • No job guarantee
  • The curriculum emphasises software operation over graphic design fundamentals, thus limiting one’s career growth in the medium-term
  • The institution does not have expertise in providing design education
  • Students must have their own subscription to the Adobe creative suite


The course spans 4 months.


The course costs INR 24,550 (including GST).

Learn more - Softpro: Diploma in Graphic Designing

6. International School of Design: Certificate Program

International School of Design offers courses in various design disciplines. The Graphic Design Certificate Program is an introductory course that takes 6 months to complete. Classes for this course are scheduled during the weekdays and students are required to attend them on campus.

The classes are completely instructor-led and the curriculum, divided into two semesters, addresses concepts ranging from the fundamentals of design and drawing to user interface experience. The course is open to all learners.


  • Taught by experienced designers
  • The institute has a clear design focus


  • The institute is better known for providing higher education in interior design and fashion design rather than graphic design
  • No job guarantee is provided to students
  • Not ideal for working professionals as the classes are scheduled on weekdays
  • The course is not available online, which limits access


The course takes 6 months to complete.


The course costs INR 60,500 (including GST).

Learn more - International School of Design: Certificate Program - 6 months

7. Milestone Institute of Technology: Diploma in Graphic Design

Milestone Institute of Technology offers courses and training in a variety of fields. The Diploma in Graphic Design programme lasts 6 months and students must attend classes on campus. The curriculum is software-oriented and students are required to complete a real-world project by the end of the course.

The classes are led by a trainer, and the course offers individual training for students. Working professionals may take the course on Saturdays, but they still need to visit the campus every week.


  • Since the course can be pursued on Saturdays, it is suitable for working professionals
  • Students receive individual training and work on a project
  • Job guarantee


  • Merely trains students in using software, and not in thinking like a designer
  • Cannot be pursued online, hence restricts access
  • Learners miss out on the advantages of cohort-based / peer-to-peer learning


The course spans 6 months.


The course costs INR 40,000 (including GST).

Learn more: Milestone Institute of Technology: Diploma in Graphic Design

Best Graphic Design Courses in Mumbai for 2024 | AND Academy (3)

8. Digifine Academy of Digital Education: Advanced Graphic Design Course

Digifine Academy of Digital Education offers graphic design courses among many other disciplines, eg. marketing, data analysis, video editing and animation. In the Advanced Graphic Design Course, over the course of 9 months, students are trained in various software.

The curriculum is not just limited to graphic design but also covers 2D animation, motion graphics, and photo and video editing. There are no particular eligibility criteria for students who wish to enrol, except to have completed their high school education and have a basic understanding of how to operate a computer.


  • The online format makes the course accessible to all
  • Students are provided with placement support and job guarantees


  • The institute lacks a design focus, which limits the depth and overall quality of their design courses
  • Emphasis is on learning to operate software rather than developing the ability to think like a designer
  • Openness to learners who have merely completed high school can create substantial heterogeneity in class


The course spans 8 months.


The course costs INR 69,960 (including GST).

Learn More - Digifine Academy of Digital Education: Advanced Graphic Design Course

Which should you choose?

Now that you have taken a look at what Mumbai has to offer when it comes to Graphic Design courses, we advise you to carefully consider your needs and motivations before making a decision.

First, think about your learning style. If you've determined that you'll need dedicated mentor guidance and a curriculum that walks you through the fundamentals, enrol in a comprehensive course that is instructor-led and includes peer learning opportunities. If you need to apply your knowledge in order for your learning to register, prioritise courses with a strong project and portfolio-building component.

Tip: Make a list of your learning requirements and rank the courses against it to see which one best fulfils all of them (or atleast most of them).

Next, consider your current skill level, to understand where you stand as a graphic designer in terms of skill. You could begin by asking yourself the following questions to determine where you stand:

  1. Am I familiar with the fundamentals of graphic design?
  2. Am I able to apply my graphic design knowledge in practice?
  3. Am I comfortable with the tools required to bring my ideas to fruition?

Finally, think about the financial aspect. Of the courses on this list, some are economical while others are costly. Before making your choice, consider your financial resources and the return on investment that each course provides. Tip: don’t look at the cost of any course in isolation; the return that that cost generates is what is important for your career.

Next Steps

We hope that this article and list of courses has at least got you started. If you have any questions that we have not addressed, do conduct further research. We have provided links to the course web pages in case you want to learn more about them. And here are some other useful resources, in case you want to know more about Graphic Design before deciding which course to pursue.

  1. Watch this session by design veteran and AND’s Academic Head, Prachi Mittal, and our Course Lead, Soumya Tiwari.
  2. Talk to a course advisor to discuss how you can transform your career with one of our courses.
  3. Pursue our Graphic Design courses - all courses are taught through live, interactive classes by industry experts, and some even offer a Job Guarantee.
  4. Take advantage of the scholarship and funding options that come with our courses to overcome any financial hurdle on the path of your career transformation.
Best Graphic Design Courses in Mumbai for 2024 | AND Academy (2024)


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